You know those negative attitudes, thoughts, beliefs, or feelings that will not go away? Or, how about those destructive habits and behaviors that seem impossible to overcome? Or, what about those circumstances and relationships that leave you feeling trapped, powerless, or out of control?

For Nathan, this was a deep-rooted bitterness toward his dad, an inability to share his feelings, and a 20-year addiction to pornography. His wife, Lacey, struggled with a fear that fed her explosive anger producing a need to control people and circumstances.

Lacey was born and raised near Grand Rapids, Michigan. After high school, she traded her desire for politics for a passion to serve Jesus full-time and attended the Rockford, Illinois Masters Commission. In 2002, Lacey moved to Homer, Alaska, where she attended Alaska Bible Institute (ABI) — and met Nathan. While there, she worked with a ministry called The Verge, which endeavored to restore the relationships between parents and their children.

Nathan was born in Homer, Alaska with a genetic disease called Cystic Fibrosis (CF). This led his family to move to California then on to Wisconsin where he spent most of his formative years being seen at the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis for the CF. After high school and shifting his focus from an internship with Industrial Lights & Magic to full-time ministry, he also attended ABI. They were married in 2004. Nathan graduated from ABI’s Christian Ministry Program two years later.


 Our hope is that Christians — through their life and story — would be the best testimony the world has of God's transforming love, grace, mercy, and truth.

After their time at ABI — and discovering all the baggage they had from their childhood, the Steels moved to Wasilla, Alaska for counseling. While there, they were introduced to a ministry called FreshStart. This ministry focuses on forgiving past wounds, hurts, and losses. After several years of counseling and seeing incredible freedom through FreshStart, they became staff members at Church on the Rock (COTR) where they had been attending. In 2011, after adopting their two girls, Lydia and Arianna, the church sent them to Ireland for six months to help establish FreshStart at Amazing Grace Fellowship Church located in Westport, Co. Mayo.

In 2014, after nearly eight years on staff at COTR, the Steels became full-time missionaries in Homer, Alaska with Alaska Bible Institute. While there, they developed and taught the Christian Living Course. They saw students set free from life-long bitterness, students reunited with estranged family members, and freedom from childhood traumatic experiences. It is out of this life-changing experience that they had a vision to see the material and tools developed in the classroom to be used in churches as a disciple-making curriculum. In 2017 they moved to Texas to launch Cultivate — a ministry that inspires life-giving discipleship.



Cultivate Inspires Life-Giving Discipleship

Cultivate is a ministry developed to serve the local church by strategically equipping and encouraging Christians to be life-giving disciple-makers of Jesus.

  • Cultivate equips Christians to live free of negative attitudes, thoughts, beliefs, and feelings.
  • Out of this freedom, Cultivate encourages Christians to develop new Spirit-led habits and behaviors.

It is from this place of freedom and these Spirit-led habits and behaviors that life-giving discipleship will become the culture of the church.





Our monthly family, medical, and ministry operating budget is $6000/month.

Average Monthly Income: $3178


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